Chakra UI Vue | A component to display icons in the browser component

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<script type="module">
  import chakraUiCIcon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chakra-ui/c-icon';



A component to display icons in the browser


yarn add @chakra-ui/c-icon
# or
npm i @chakra-ui/c-icon

Adding custom icons

All Chakra icons are registered in the Chakra plugin under the icons.extend key. So you can extend this object to add your own icons. Here are the steps:

  • Export the icon's svg from Figma, Sketch, etc.
  • Use a tool like SvgOmg to reduce the size and minify the markup.
  • Add the icon to the theme object.

Add the fill=currentColor attribute to the path or g so that when you this <Icon color="gray.200"/>, it works correctly.

// Step 1: Each icon should be stored as an object of `path` and `viewBox`
const customIcons = {
  icon1: {
    path: `<path fill="currentColor" d="..." />`,
    // If the icon's viewBox is `0 0 24 24`, you can ignore `viewBox`
    viewBox: "0 0 40 40",
  icon2: {
    path: `
      <g fill="currentColor">
        <path d="..."/>

// Step 2: Add the custom icon to the Chakra plugin
const app = createApp(App)
  .use(ChakraUIVuePlugin, {
    icons: {
      // ...
      extend: customIcons

You can now consume your custom icons in your template like this:

  <c-icon name="icon1" color="yellow.600" />
  <c-icon name="icon2" color="green.300" />

You can access the full merged icons object under this.$chakra.icons in your Vue components.