Chameleon sheet

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<script type="module">
  import chameleonDsSheet from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chameleon-ds/sheet';


Chameleon Sheet

import { html } from "@open-wc/demoing-storybook";
import { withKnobs, text } from "@open-wc/demoing-storybook";
import "./chameleon-sheet.js";
import "./sheet-content.js";

export default {
  title: "Components|Overlays/Sheet",
  component: "chameleon-sheet",
  decorators: [withKnobs],
  parameters: {
    backgrounds: [
      { name: "gray", value: "#f5f5f8", default: true },
      { name: "black", value: "#252a33" },
  options: { selectedPanel: "storybookjs/dovs/panel" },



Property Name Type(s) Default Value Description
trapsKeyboardFocus Boolean true Whether or not the sheet will trap keyboard focus
hasBackdrop Boolean true If the sheet has an overlay backdrop
hidesOnOutsideClick Boolean true If the sheet hides when clicked outside of
hidesOnEsc Boolean true If the sheet hides when the ESC key is pressed
preventsScroll Boolean true If the sheet prevents page scrolling when open


Property Name Type(s) Default Value Description
dismissable Boolean true The card header title
width String "320px" The sheet content's width

How the Sheet Works

chameleon-sheet now uses @lion/overlays to power behavior. This lets us keep an extremely simple, declaratively composed approach:

  <button slot="invoker">Open Sheet</button>
  <p slot="content">Your content here!</p>

There are now just two slots to understand:

  • the invoker slot is the content a user interacts with in order to open the sheet (for example the enticing "..." icon inside a table row).
  • the content slot is the content which shows inside the sheet. If you want something to show up in the sheet, throw it in here.

The content node itself is moved outside Chameleon Sheet's shadow dom, and relocated top-level onto document.body. This lets us ensure people can see it/interact with it, that it's accessible, and other reasons.

How do we ensure relocated content doesn't leak styles, while still getting all the benefits of our existing system? Simple! - build the content that should be relocated as it's own custom element. This lets us relocate a single node, and maintain full encapsulation of styles.

To streamline this, there's another component made available: sheet-content. You don't have to use sheet-content, you can put whatever you'd like into chameleon-sheet. However, sheet-content streamlines the look and feel of chameleon-sheet to be like v1, with some other enhancements:

  • You can customize the width (to set it, for example to '75vw' for a "big sheet").
  • You can apply other instance-specific styling to each component by specifying local <style>'s.

Understanding Bindings

As stated above, the entire node is moved. This means, any bindings you use when creating it are brought along.

Breaking Changes:

  • v1.x.x -> v2.x.x: Removed .header, .subheader, added use of @lion/overlays.

Migrating from V1 -> V2

You should be able to include your same content, along with the styling it used, as-is inside sheet-content.



export const Default = () => {
  const width = text("Width", "320px");

  return html`
      <span slot="invoker">
        <button>Standard Sheet</button>
      <sheet-content slot="content" width="${width}">
          section {
            padding: 20px;
            font-size: 0.938rem;

          .divider-top {
            border-top: solid 2px #e1e3e4;

          .divider-bottom {
            border-bottom: solid 2px #e1e3e4;

          .header {
            font-family: var(--app-heading-font, sans-serif);
            color: var(--primary-color, #2c6fb7);
            font-size: 1.4rem;
            font-weight: 400;
            margin-top: 0;

          .sub-header {
            display: block;
            font-family: var(--app-heading-font, sans-serif);
            color: var(--primary-color, #2c6fb7);
            letter-spacing: normal;
            line-height: 21px;
            font-size: 18px;
            font-weight: 400;

          .label {
            font-family: var(--app-body-font, Arial);
            color: var(--gray-darkest, #6c737a);
            font-size: 14px;
            line-height: 20px;
            letter-spacing: 0;
            margin-bottom: 8px;
            display: block;
          <h1 class="header">Header</h1>
          <h2 class="sub-header">Subheader</h1>
        <section class="divider-top">
          <p>City: Saint Louis</p>
          <p>Parks: Forest Park</p>
        <section class="divider-top">
          <p>Food: Blue Ocean Sushi</p>
          <p>Art: Saint Louis Art Gallery</p>
        <section class="divider-top divider-bottom">
          <p>Hockey: Blues</p>
          <p>Baseball: Cards</p>
          <p>Famous People: Nelly</p>