Chameleon textarea

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<script type="module">
  import chameleonDsTextarea from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chameleon-ds/textarea';


Chameleon Textarea

import { html } from "@open-wc/demoing-storybook";
import { withKnobs, text, number, boolean } from "@open-wc/demoing-storybook";
import "./chameleon-textarea.js";

export default {
  title: "Components|Form Elements/Textarea",
  component: "chameleon-textarea",
  decorators: [withKnobs],
  options: { selectedPanel: "storybookjs/docs/panel" },


Property Name Type(s) Default Value Description
autocomplete Boolean false A string indicating the type of autocomplete functionality, if any, to allow on the textarea
spellcheck Boolean false Specifies whether the <textarea> is subject to spell checking by the underlying browser/OS
name String "cha-textarea" The textarea's form name
autofocus Boolean false A Boolean which, if present, makes the textarea take focus when the form is presented
cols Number 20 The visible width of the text control, in average character widths
rows Number 2 The number of visible text lines for the control
disabled Boolean false A Boolean attribute which is present if the textarea should be disabled
readonly Boolean false A Boolean attribute which, if true, indicates that the textarea cannot be edited
required Boolean false A Boolean which, if true, indicates that the textarea must have a value before the form can be submitted
placeholder String "" The textarea's placeholder value
value String "" The textarea's current value
maxLength Number null The textarea's maximum length
minxLength Number null The textarea's minimum length
label String "" The textarea's label text
invalid Boolean false Invalid boolean to allow validity access from higher level form errors
validationMessage String "" The textarea's error message
nonresizeable Boolean false Prevents users from manualy changing the size of the textarea



export const Default = () => {
  const disabled = boolean("Disabled", false);
  const label = text("Label", "Description");
  const error = text("Error", "");
  const placeholder = text("Placeholder", "Text...");
  const minlength = number("minlength", 0);
  const maxlength = number("maxlength", 500);
  const rows = number("Rows", 2);
  const cols = number("Columns", 20);
  const nonresizeable = boolean("non-resizeable", false);
  const value = text("Value", "");
  const invalid = boolean("Invalid", false);
  const required = boolean("Required", false);

  return html`

Error State

export const ErrorState = () => html`
    validationMessage="Field cannot be left blank"