Collection of React Hooks grouped into @charlietango/hooks

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  import charlietangoHooks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@charlietango/hooks';


Charlie Tango Hooks

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Collection of React Hooks used by Charlie Tango.

Storybook Demo: https://ct-hooks.now.sh


Install using Yarn:

yarn add @charlietango/hooks

or NPM:

npm install @charlietango/hooks --save

The Hooks

Individual hooks

All of our Hooks are published into their own NPM module, so you can pick and choose exactly the ones you need.

To use the Hook, import it from the package you installed, like:

import useMedia from "@charlietango/use-media";


The @charlietango/hooks module collects all of the individual modules into a single dependency. The module is optimized for tree shaking, so you application should only include the dependencies you actually use.

import { useMedia } from "@charlietango/hooks";


This hooks library is built at as a monorepo using Lerna and Yarn Workspaces.

To start working on a new hook, you should run the new-hook script to generate the new package.

yarn new-hook