Node.js SDK for alchemist

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  import chatoperaNodeAlchemist from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chatopera/node-alchemist';


Chatopera Alchemist SDK for Node.js

Chatopera Front Desk Service / Chatopera 前台服务


npm install @chatopera/node-alchemist


var Alchemist = require("@chatopera/node-alchemist");
const client = new Alchemist(YOUR_SERVER_IP, YOUR_SERVER_PORT);
await client.connect(); // 建立连接
key value
YOUR_SERVER_IP alchemist 服务 IP,比如 "localhost"
YOUR_SERVER_PORT alchemist 服务端口,比如 9000



resp = await client.chat({
    message: {
      channel: "node",
      channel_id: "sdk",
      user_id: "test002",
      type: "textMessage",
      payload: "老婆聊天轻浮"
  • request
key value
channel 渠道,比如 "gzh" 代表微信公众号
channel_id 渠道 ID,比如 "gzh_xxx",对应渠道的标识
user_id 用户唯一标识
type textMessage 代表文本消息,imageMessage图片消息, etc.
payload 传递消息内容,字符串
  • response[Promise]
  "rc": 0,
  "message": {
    "channel": "node",
    "channel_id": "sdk",
    "user_id": "test002",
    "createdate": "1585195702.748119",
    "type": "textMessage",
    "payload": "你和老婆的感情怎样呢?",
    "is_question": true,
    "is_knowledge": false,
    "is_fallback": false
  "error": null

返回值为 json 格式,其中rc为 0 代表正常返回;rc不为 0 为异常返回,异常原因见error。 正常返回下, message代表机器人回复。

key value
channel 请求的渠道
channel_id 渠道标识
user_id 用户标识
createdate 消息创建 timestamp
type 返回的消息类型
payload 消息内容
is_question 是不是追问
is_knowledge 有没有知识性
is_fallback 是不是兜底





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