Babel preset for Chialab projects.

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Babel preset for Chialab projects

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A custom set of plugins, based on the @babel/preset-env, which includes:


npm install @chialab/babel-preset -D
# or
yarn add @chialab/babel-preset -D


Add to the .babelrc file the preset:

    "presets": [
        ["@chialab/babel-preset", { ... }]
    "plugins": [ ... ]


The preset inherits all the @babel/preset-env options, available here.

Name Accepts Default Description
env Boolean true Should use @babel/preset-env.
pragma String - The JSX pragma.
pragmaModule String - The module path which exports the pragma.
pragmaDefault Boolean false Import pragma as default member.
assertions Boolean false Polyfill assertion statements with Chai.
coverage Boolean false Should enable code coverage.
coverageInclude Array [] A list of files to include in the coverage.
coverageExclude Array [] A list of files to exclude from the coverage.
transformCommonjs Boolean false Should convert CommonJS modules.
transformCommonjsCache Boolean false A Map instance to use as cache for the tranformer.