jQuery Timepicker Addon =======================

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  import chinchillaSoftwareJqueryUiTimepickerAddon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chinchilla-software/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon';


jQuery Timepicker Addon


This project is no longer actively maintained. Unfortuantely, I no longer work with jQuery and jQueryUI on new projects. jQuery Timepicker Addon served as the timepicker of choice for many years when there weren't many available. I'm thankful of the opportunity to contribute to the community, and thankful to everyone who contributed along the way. These days there are many great alternatives depending on the environment you're developing in. If you need a timepicker with no dependencies check out flatpickr.

Best wishes, Trent Richardson


I recommend getting the eBook Handling Time as it has a lot of example code to get started. The quick and dirty:

There is also a Bower package named jqueryui-timepicker-addon. Beware there are other similar package names that point to forks which may not be current.

Rails with Bower

If you happen to use Rails with the [bower](gem "bower-rails", "~> 0.8.3") gem, here it is to use it easily :


asset "jqueryui-timepicker-addon", "1.5.6"


//= require jqueryui-timepicker-addon/dist/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon
//= require jqueryui-timepicker-addon/dist/i18n/jquery-ui-timepicker-fr


@import "jqueryui-timepicker-addon/dist/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.css";

Contributing Code - Please Read!

  • All code contributions and bug reports are much appreciated.
  • Please be sure to apply your fixes to the "dev" branch.
  • Also note tabs are appreciated over spaces.
  • Please read the CONTRIBUTING.md for more on using Grunt to produce builds.