Core chitchat.js library. A Javascript framework to build Alexa Skills expriences easily.

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  import chitchatjsCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chitchatjs/core';



🤖 JavaScript framework for building voice user interfaces for Alexa Skills. | 📄 Read the documentation

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  1. chitchat.js core library
  2. chitchat.js alexa library
  3. chitchat.js cli

Sample Skills

  1. Hello bot
  2. Dog Matcher
  3. High log game
  4. Coffee shop
  5. Workout Buddy


  1. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-common
  2. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-session
  3. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-display
  4. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-card

Check the official documentation of available building blocks and much more here - https://chitchat.js.org/