Fastify plugin exposing overall server status (including version and health).

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Fastify plugin exposing overall server status: version, health and custom data.


npm i @chreeio/fastify-status


  • HTTP endpoint serving overall health, custom health checks, version and custom properties.
  • Three-valued (ok, degraded, failing) overall health calculated from custom health checks.
  • Health checks can execute scheduled or on-demand when service status is requested via HTTP.
  • Customizable Fastify onRequest hook executed when the overall health is failing.


Simply import the plugin and register it:

import fastify from 'fastify'
import fastifyStatus from '@chreeio/fastify-status'

const app = fastify()

app.register(fastifyStatus, {
  route: {
    expose: true,

Please take a look at the test folder for more involved examples.


When registering fastify-status, you can set the following options. Please note, that each setting is optional.

Option Descripton
route.expose Whether to expose an HTTP endpoint serving status information or not. Set to false by default.
route.path The path of the HTTP status endpoint. Set to /status by default.
route.customOptions Additional customization for the HTTP status endpoint. Please refer to https://www.fastify.io/docs/latest/Routes/#routes-option regarding the permitted HTTP route options.
health.updateInterval The interval between subsequent health checks in milliseconds. If not set, then health checks will be performed on each request to the exposed status endpoint. By default, this setting is not set.
health.checks An arbitrary number of custom health checks. If an update interval is set, then these checks will be scheduled. Otherwise, they are executed on each request to the status endpoint.
health.overallStatusCalculator A function calculating the overall health of the service using the values provided by the checks. By default, this function sets the overall health to failing if there's a failing check and degraded if there's a degraded check.
failingStatusRequestHook A Fastify onRequest hook (https://www.fastify.io/docs/latest/Hooks/#onrequest) which is executed on each request if the current overall health of the service is failing. Note, that this hook is only registered if there's an update interval set for the health checks. By default, this hook will return 503 - Service Unavailable to every request.
version A string to string mapping of version information.
customProperties Any additional custom properties. These are going to be appended to the response of the status endpoint.


This is an open source project maintained by Chree. For more projects maintained or supported by Chree, please head over to the Chree Open Source page.


This package is licensed under MIT.