🏠 Offical Homebridge plugin for TuyAPI

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Homebridge-tuya is a homebridge plugin that lets you control your Tuya based devices with Homekit.

Some devices may not be supported. Please check the common issues tab in the wiki for more info.


To use this plugin, follow the steps below:

  1. Install Homebridge, if you haven't already.

  2. Install this plugin. You may need to prefix this command with sudo if you run into any issues.

npm i -g homebridge-tuya

  1. Add your device's parameters to your config.json file, then reload Homebridge.

To find your devices configuration parameters, please look at the Wiki.

Note The wiki has some inconsitencies with V1 and 2. I will fix this, I justt need to wait for V2, before it's all up-to-date.

To get ID and Key Watch this video.


If you spot any errors with the plugin, or have a question, feel free to open a issue.

Please be sure to check the Common Issues tab in the wiki, before you open an issue.

My goal is to reply to an issue within 48 hours. If I am delayed, please @ me so I can get the notification, or shoot me a tweet @iRayanKhan.

Contribution guide

Any help is welcome!

If you would like to make refinments to this plugin, add new device support, or anything else feel free to make a fork, and submit a PR detailing the changes you made, and why.


CodeTheWeb - Original repo

mxdanger - Plugin branding

Amoo-Miki - Plugin core

Oznu - config.schema, and various enhancements in V2.0.0