A schematic for generating react components

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  import chrisbDevReactSchematics from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chrisb-dev/react-schematics';


React schematics


Angular schematics used to generate a set of Typescript React components, with options to connect them to the store or include scss. Works for React Native or React Web.

React components

Running this will:

  • Generate a .ts file with a set of interfaces for the input and dispatch props
  • Generate a .tsx file with a React component which expects the combination of the input and dispatch props
  • Generate a .ts connector file connecting the component to the store if the connected option is not set to false
  • Generate a .scss file if the scss option is not set to false
  • Update the parents barrel file if it exists exporting either the connected component or the base React component depending on whether the connected option is set or not

These files can be seen here.


Running schematics requires angular cli to be installed npm i -g @angular/cli

Install the package via npm: npm i @chrisb-dev/react-schematics --save-dev


To run with default options schematics @chrisb-dev/react-schematics:react-components

If you run without any options you will prompted to add any required options. Alternatively these can be specified in the command.

schematics @chrisb-dev/react-schematics:react-components --name=MyComponent


Check out the schema file to view the possible options.