Display Typescript documentation for Lerna monorepo with the correct module exports.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import chrpTypedocPluginLernaPackages from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chrp/typedoc-plugin-lerna-packages';



Fork of typedoc-plugin-lerna-packages

A plugin for Typedoc that groups all Lerna packages into own TS module. Normally Typedoc handles each file as a module, this isn't correct for lerna packages, as each package should be treated as a module. This plugins handles that. Also if you have a README.md in your package folder, it will be used as comment for that module.

Example Demo: https://marshal.marcj.dev/

Example source code: https://github.com/marcj/marshal.ts

Just install it and type typedoc:

npm i -D typedoc-plugin-lerna-packages typedoc
# yarn add -D typedoc-plugin-lerna-packages typedoc

npx typedoc
# yarn typedoc

Example typedoc.js in your root folder

module.exports = {
  mode: "modules",
  out: "docs",
  exclude: ["**/node_modules/**", "**/*.spec.ts"],
  name: "MY NAME",
  excludePrivate: true,


In typedoc.js you can add following extra config values to change the behavior of this plugin.

module.exports = {

  //exclude packages from being generated
  lernaExclude: ["@vendor/integration-tests", "@vendor/examples"],


When you work on this package you should link to it in a other lerna repo, and then execute following command to make generation working:

rm -rf docs && NODE_PRESERVE_SYMLINKS=1 ./node_modules/.bin/typedoc