A Church Center API client for the browser

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<script type="module">
  import churchcenterApiClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@churchcenter/api-client';



A Church Center API client for use in the browser.

The intended use is from a Church Center website.

Usage from any another origin is not supported.


Nine times out of 10 we'll get by using the pre-configured sessionApiClient.

import { sessionApiClient } from "@churchcenter/api-client"

await sessionApiClient.get("/giving/v2/donations", { filter: "true" })
await sessionApiClient.post("/giving/v2/donations", { amount: 100 })

get and post use fetch behind the scenes. The resolved/rejected value is guaranteed to be an object, even for empty responses and errors! If the response is ok, the promise is resolved. If the response is not ok, the promise is rejected.

sessionApiClient has built in brains to manage authorization. It obtains an authorization token automatically. It refreshes the authorization token whenever it has gone stale.

PCO-API-Version support is baked in, with the default "2018-08-01". If we need a different API version, it can be changed at the client level, or per-request.

// Configure the client to use a different version
sessionApiClient.setGlobalConfiguration({ version: "2020-11-03 "})

// Use a specific version on a single request using the third positional argument
await sessionApiClient.post("/giving/v2/donations", { amount: 100 }, { version: "2020-11-03" })

Advanced Usage

If we need a custom client, buildApiClient is available.

import { buildApiClient } from "@churchcenter/api-client"

const client = buildClient({
  version: "2020-11-03",
  authorizationHeader: "advanced_usage_token"

// Same as the `sessionApiClient`, per-request configuration is possible
await client.get("/groups/v2", {}, { version: "2018-08-01" })


Script tag on Rails

<script type="javascript" src="https://unpkg.com/@churchcenter/api-client/dist/url.umd.js"></script>
<!-- exposed as global `ChurchCenterApiClient` -->

Webpacker on Rails

yarn add @churchcenter/url
import { sessionApiClient, buildApiClient } from "@churchcenter/url";