Cyberinfrastructure Bridge is a GraphQL API for the integration and utilization of datasets, algorithms, tools, and computing resources. AKA CIShell for the Web.

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Build Instructions

This repository is built using maven and npm.

To build this repository for Java, just run:

mvn clean install

To build this repository for JavaScript, just run:

npm install
npm run test-graphdoc-build


CIBridge will build the bridges that connect everyone at the lab (and beyond) together. It will provide the infrastructure to join three realms: data scientists who use GUIs, data scientists who write scripts, and software developers who create hardened software.


  • CIBridge API - Create an API which allows users to run algorithms, including from CIShell, over a standard GraphQL API.
  • Create Bridges - Using the CIBridge API create bridges to and from CIShell, R, Python, and JavaScript.
  • Update CIShell - Clean up and modernize CIShell, Sci2, and its algorithms.

Basic Interaction Diagram



  • Revamp the CIShell build infrastructure
  • Remove old algorithms, updating existing good algorithms, and adding new algorithms
  • Divorce the algorithms from the UI (and Eclipse) completely
  • Create a GraphQL API (CIBridge) for using algorithms over the web/anywhere
  • Update the Sci2 UI to use algorithms over the CIBridge API
  • Create a test harnass to effectively test CIBridge and algorithms advertised by CIBridge
  • Document CIBridge
  • Release Sci2 v1.5 and CIBridge 1.0
  • Create Python, R, and JavaScript/TypeScript clients to the CIBridge API
  • Create Python, R, and JavaScript servers which advertise algorithms written in their respective languages via their own CIBridge API implementation
  • Create a completely new UI, DinoShell, in Angular
  • Create Sci2 2.0 with DinoShell 1.0, CIShell 2.0, and CIBridge 1.0.

Links (In Process)

Essential links for this project.

Timelines & Milestones

Rough timelines created at the start of the project outlining some of the hard(ish) deadlines, milestones, etc.

  • 2018-05-15 - Interns' First Day
  • 2018-08-07 - Interns' Last Day