Simple button to handle the color-scheme auto / light / dark / dim

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<script type="module">
  import cicciosgaminoColorSchemeButton from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cicciosgamino/color-scheme-button';


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☀️ <color-scheme-button>

Simple button to handle the color-scheme auto / light / dark / dim . This custom elment it's a button with 4 SVG icons each for schema (auto, light, dark, dim). Dim schema it about orchestrating lightness and saturation, need to have enough saturation to still have a hue visible, but also just barely pass contrast scores. Check the very well done Adam Argyle intro about the shema / theme.

Little animation when button:hover and button:focus



🕹️ Examples

Color Scheme Button

  color-scheme-button {
      width: 128px;
      height: 128px;

      --icon-color: purple;

  title="Color Scheme"
  aria-label="Color Scheme">

🚀 Usage

  1. Install package
npm install --save @cicciosgamino/color-scheme-button
  1. Import
<!-- Import Js Module -->
<script type="module">
  // Importing this module registers <progress-ring> as an element that you
  // can use in this page.
  // Note this import is a bare module specifier, so it must be converted
  // to a path using a server such as @web/dev-server.
  import '@cicciosgamino/color-scheme-button'
  1. Place in your HTML
  title="Color Scheme"
  aria-label="Color Scheme">


📒 Properties/Attributes

Name Type Default Description
title String '' Button title
ariaLabel String '' Button aria-label




None events dispatched by default but you can uncomment the code to dispatch the schema-event. This event is dispateched with both, bubble and composed. In the detail.schema field you can retrieve the value of the schema.

Event Name Target Detail Description
schema-event color-schema-button { schema: 'auto | light | dark | dim' } Fired when button clicked

🧁 CSS Custom Properties

Name Default Description
--icon-color #000 SVG fill attribute

💪 Accessibility

Acessibility is guaranted with the use of a button with the title and aria-label set on it.SVG icons inside the inner button are set role=img,aria-hidden="true",focusable="false" .


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