Defines the size of the text.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import citizensadviceFontSize from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@citizensadvice/font-size';


Font-size npm (scoped)

Defines the size of the text.


Class name Value
.font-size-1 $font-size-1 (14px)
.font-size-2 $font-size-2 (16px)
.font-size-3 $font-size-3 (20px)
.font-size-4 $font-size-4 (28px)
.font-size-5 $font-size-5 (36px)

Responsive font-size classes

To apply specific classes at set screen widths, use the following classes:

Class name Description
[aboveClassName]-ns Screens with a min-width of 48rem
[aboveClassName]-m Screens with widths from 48rem to 64rem
[aboveClassName]-l Screens with a min-width of 64rem


<div class="font-size-1 font-size-4-ns">...</div>
<div class="font-size-2 font-size-3-ns font-size-5-l">...</div>


$ npm install @citizensadvice/font-size

now import into your stylesheet...

@import '@citizensadvice/font-size/index.scss';

You can also make use of the unpkg service, try adding the link below to the head of your HTML file

<link src="https://unpkg.com/@citizensadvice/font-size@latest/build/font-size.css" />