Popover & Tooltip Plugin for CKEditor 5.

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  import ckproCkeditor5Popover from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ckpro/ckeditor5-popover';


# CKPro Popover

CKPro Popover is a 3. party commercial plugin for creating popovers & tooltips in CKEditor 5.

CKPro Popover is a smooth working plugin that makes it easy for content creators to append short additional information to words, ideas or concepts presented in the main CKEditor document allowing readers to access that additional information on mouse hover.


CKPro Popover works much like Bootstrap Popover and in fact Bootstrap Popover can be used to build the Popover UX on the result side.

Usage documentation

See CKPro Popover for usage documentation, how to build a sample CKEditor 5 with CKPro Popover, how to display the popover UX on the result side and how to obtain a license.


CKPro Popover is licensed under a commercial license and is protected by copyright law. For more details please contact me at rasmusrummel@gmail.com.