A utility for doing static analysis on flows

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  import clausehqFlowsAnalysis from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@clausehq/flows-analysis';


Flow Analysis

This package contains some utilities for performing parsing and static analysis of flow definitions.

Example Usage

const { findDependencies } = require('@clausehq/flows-analysis');

const deps = findDependencies(myFlow);
/** deps has value
  vault: false,
  organization: {
    id: false,
  contract: {
    id: false,
    attachments: true,
    state: false,
    clauseMap: false,
  clause: {
    id: false,
    attachments: false,
    state: false,
    data: false,
  flow: {
    name: false,
    id: false,
  flows: false,