VisionJS is a JavaScript library for building performant and healthcare search experiences with Clinia.

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VisionJS is a vanilla JavaScript library that lets you create a healthcare search eperience using Clinia's search API. It is part of the Vision product family:

VisionJS | React Vision | Angular Vision | React Vision Native | Vision Android

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You should be using Vision if you want to:

  • Design healthcare search experiences with best practices
  • Customize your components at will
  • Remain independant from external frameworks

Getting started

Using VisionJS is as simple as adding this JavaScript code to your page:

// 1. Instantiate the search
const search = vision({
  indexName: 'health_facility',
  searchClient: clinia('appId', 'apiKey')

  // 2. Create an interactive search box
    container: '#searchbox',
    placeholder: 'Search for pharmacies'

  // 3. Plug the search results into the healthfacilities container
    container: '#healthfacilties',
    templates: {
      item: '{{name}}',

// 4. Start the search

TODO: link to website documentation js guides


npm install @clinia/vision clinia
# or
yarn add @clinia/vision clinia


The documentation is available on the Clinia website (coming soon)


You can play around with VisionJS on this playground (coming soon)

Browser support

We support the last two version of major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).


VisionJS is MIT licensed.