A fixed-length Redis transport for winston

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A capped Redis transport for winston.


  • NodeJS 8.11.x
  • Winston 3.x


  const winston = require('winston');
  const redisTransport = require('winston-redis');

  const logger = winston.createLogger({
    level: 'info',
    transports: [
      new redisTransport()

    level: "info",
    message: "redis is awesome",
    reason: "it's fast" // this will get stored as meta data

This transport accepts the options accepted by the node-redis client:

  • host: (Default localhost) Remote host of the Redis server
  • port: (Default 6379) Port the Redis server is running on.
  • auth: (Default None) Password set on the Redis server

In addition to these, the Redis transport also accepts the following options.

  • redis: Either the redis client or the options for the redis client
  • length: (Default 200) Number of log messages to store.
  • container: (Default winston) Name of the Redis container you wish your logs to be in.
  • channel: (Default None) Name of the Redis channel to stream logs from.
  • meta: (Default {}) Custom fields to add to each log.
  • flatMeta: (Default false) Store meta data at the top level of the object rather than within a child meta object.

Metadata: Logged as JSON literal in Redis


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Installing winston-redis

  $ npm install winston
  $ npm install winston-redis

Run Tests

Winston-redis tests are written in mocha, using Abstract Winston Transport and designed to be run with npm.

  npm test

Author: Charlie Robbins