A Hello World Comunica engine

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  import comunicaActorInitHelloWorld from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@comunica/actor-init-hello-world';


Comunica Hello World

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An example Hello World init actor for Comunica.

This module is part of the Comunica framework, and should only be used by developers that want to build their own query engine.

Click here if you just want to query with Comunica.


$ yarn add @comunica/actor-init-hello-world


The config/config-example.json contains an example on how to run the Hello World actor, which will trigger on the Runner's 'init' event.

As defined by components/ActorInitHelloWorld, the actor allows the 'hello' parameter to be changed, and defaults to 'Hello'.

When executed, the actor will print the 'hello' parameter value to the console, followed by all command line parameters.

Executing the following:

$ node bin/run.js Desmond Hume

will print Hi Desmond Hume.