A primary-topic rdf-metadata actor

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  import comunicaActorRdfMetadataPrimaryTopic from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@comunica/actor-rdf-metadata-primary-topic';


Comunica Primary Topic RDF Metadata Actor

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An RDF Metadata actor that splits off the metadata based on the existence of a foaf:primaryTopic link.

Warning: Use this at your own risk, as this actor requires foaf:primaryTopic to be linked with the metadata graph, while the spec keeps this optional. Furthermore, foaf:primaryTopic must come before the metadata triples. But in cases where foaf:primaryTopic is always used, this actor will be very performant.

This module is part of the Comunica framework, and should only be used by developers that want to build their own query engine.

Click here if you just want to query with Comunica.


$ yarn add @comunica/actor-rdf-metadata-primary-topic


After installing, this package can be added to your engine's configuration as follows:

  "@context": [
  "actors": [
      "@id": "config-sets:resolve-hypermedia.json#myRdfMetadataPrimaryTopic",
      "@type": "ActorRdfMetadataPrimaryTopic"