vesper + jwt auth

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  import constlabVesperJwtAuth from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@constlab/vesper-jwt-auth';


Vesper JWT Auth

Build Status

Early access. Not for production use

Initial setup

  1. npm i @constlab/vesper-jwt-auth
  2. Add AuthModule to bootstrap
  3. Add UserRepository to DI container
  4. Add authorization checker function
  5. Add salt to parameters (see https://github.com/vesper-framework/vesper/blob/master/src/options/SchemaBuilderOptions.ts#L85)
import { AuthModule, jwtAuthorizationCheck } from "@constlab/vesper-jwt-auth";

   port: 3000,
   parameters: {
       "salt": "<random string>"
   modules: [AuthModule, UserModule],
   setupContainer: async (container, action) => {
       container.set("user.repository", getRepository(User));
   authorizationChecker: (roles: string[], action) => jwtAuthorizationCheck(roles, action)