convert markdown to rich text

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  import contentfulRichTextFromMarkdown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@contentful/rich-text-from-markdown';



A library to convert markdown to Contentful Rich Text document format.


Using npm:

npm install @contentful/rich-text-from-markdown

Using yarn:

yarn add @contentful/rich-text-from-markdown



const { richTextFromMarkdown } = require('@contentful/rich-text-from-markdown');

const document = await richTextFromMarkdown('# Hello World');


The library will convert automatically the following markdown nodes:

  • paragraph
  • heading
  • text
  • emphasis
  • strong
  • delete
  • inlineCode
  • link
  • thematicBreak
  • blockquote
  • list
  • listItem
  • table
  • tableRow
  • tableCell

If the markdown content has unsupported nodes like image ![image](url) you can add a callback as a second argument and it will get called everytime an unsupported node is found. The return value of the callback will be the rich text representation of that node.


const { richTextFromMarkdown } = require('@contentful/rich-text-from-markdown');

// define your own type for unsupported nodes like asset
const document = await richTextFromMarkdown(
  node => ({
    nodeType: 'embedded-[entry|asset]-[block|inline]',
    content: [],
    data: {
      target: {
        sys: {
          type: 'Link',
          linkType: 'Entry|Asset',
          id: '.........'