Cordova AGC Storage Plugin

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  import cordovaPluginAgconnectStorage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cordova-plugin-agconnect/storage';


AppGallery Connect CloudStorage for Cordova


AppGallery Connect CloudStorage allows you to store high volumes of data such as images, audio, videos, and other user-generated content securely and economically. This scalable and maintenance-free service can free you from development, deployment, O&M, and capacity expansion of storage servers, so you can focus on service capability building and operations with better user experience. Learn More

Installing the Plug-in

Install AGC CloudStorage plugin to the project


$ cordova plugin add @cordova-plugin-agconnect/storage --save

For more details, please refer to Getting Started with Cordova


$ ionic cordova plugin add @cordova-plugin-agconnect/storage --save

Install Ionic-Native AGC Storage to the project.

$ npm install @ionic-native/core @cordova-plugin-agconnect/ionic-native-agc-storage

For more details, please refer to Getting Started with Ionic

Development Guide

Development Environment

You are advised to use the plug-ins in an environment that meets the following requirements.

Software Allowed Version Range Description
cordova 9.0.0 or later Platform
cordova-android >=8.1.0 or later Platform
cordova-ios 5.0.0 or later Platform
npm 6.4.1 or later Tool

5. FAQs


CloudStorage Plug-in is licensed under the: Apache License, version 2.0.