A scaffolding for building progressive GraphQL powered jamstack applications

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  import corejamBase from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@corejam/base';



This package provides bootstraping functionality to Corejam applications.


npm install @corejam/base

Bootstrap process

In order to bootstrap corejam apps we go through the dependancies defined in your project package.json in order to find corejam packages.

After finding relevant packages we iterate over them & their dependancies recursively in order to find all corejam schemas / server resolvers that need to be loaded in the correct order.

For example your project has the following dependancies

dependancies: {
    "next": "latest",
    "@corejam/plugin-dershop": "latest",
    "some-other-package: "latest"

First we iterate over all packages and extract @corejam/plugin-dershop by its corejam identifier in its package.json

Then in turn we need to look at the dependancies of @corejam/plugin-dershop recursively and do the exact same thing if we can identify any more corejam apps.

Once we have the correct order to load schemas and resolvers we can go ahead and merge the context together into one bootstrapped app.