Corejam Visual Canvas CMS Plugin

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  import corejamPluginCanvas from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@corejam/plugin-canvas';



The Visual Canvas CMS plugin allows you to create dynamic "canvas" pages inside your corejam application using the <corejam-canvas> element.

In short, this package gives you a static site builder that works directly inside your browser and deploys directly to a CDN (currently only supports S3, more coming soon)

It currently supports the following data connectors:

  • FaunaDB
  • S3 Bucket

Getting Started


yarn install @corejam/plugin-canvas

// npm
npm i @corejam/plugin-canvas

How does it work?

When you create a new canvas page everything happens on the client side. The app is already bootstrapped and we take the <corejam-run-router> innerHTML and post it to your corejam API which includes the following endpoints:

type CanvasPage implements Timestamp @cacheControl(maxAge: 300) {
  id: ID!
  canvas: String!
  seo: SEO!
  peers: CanvasPeers
  dateCreated: String!
  dateUpdated: String!

extend type Mutation {
  canvasPageCreate(canvasPageInput: CanvasPageInput!): CanvasPage
  canvasPageEditSEO(id: ID!, seoInput: SEOInput!): CanvasPage
  canvasPageEdit(id: ID!, canvasPage: CanvasPageInput!): CanvasPage
  canvasOpenPeers(id: ID!, peerInput: CanvasPeerInput!): CanvasPeers
  canvasPollPeers(id: ID!): CanvasPeers
  canvasClosePeers(id: ID!): CanvasPage

extend type Query {
  allCanvasPages: [CanvasPage]
  paginateCanvasPages(page: Int!, size: Int!): CanvasPageList
  canvasPageById(id: ID!): CanvasPage
  canvasPollPeers(id: ID!): CanvasPeers

The CanvasPage object contains a canvas: String! attribute which is the <corejam-run-router> outerHTML contents.

Creating a new canvas page:

mutation createCanvas($canvasPageInput: CanvasPageInput!) {
    canvasPageCreate(canvasPageInput: $canvasPageInput) {
        seo {

Canvas Peers

** This is work in progress

The canvas has the ability to open a peer to peer connection with another user for realtime collaboriation.

TODO more