UI Components for cotype Admin UI

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  import cotypeUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cotype/ui';



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Cotype manages structured content that can accessed via APIs. The system itself is not concerned with the actual rendering of the data - this is left completely to the consumer which could be a server that generates HTML, a client-rendered web app or a native app that reads the data via HTTP.

This is the ui package for the cotype admin dashboard.

Component Overview: https://cotype.github.io/ui

Cotype is not free software.
In order to run cotype on a public server you must purchase a valid license.
Please contact info@cellular.de for inquiries.


npm install @cotype/ui


import { Button, buttonClass, ... } from "@cotype/ui";


Pull-Requests, Issues, Feedback, Coffee and positive thoughts are very welcome!

If you want to work on this project locally using the development environment or want to know more about what we consider "internal stuff", please refer to the contribution guidelines