A lib of helpful functions.

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  import cryptoactionsSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cryptoactions/sdk';


Crypto Actions SDK

A lib of helpful functions.

Get Repo Config

Read the Crypto Actions configuration from a repository's cryptoactions.json or package.json.

import { getConfig } from '@cryptoactions/sdk'

// config of repo
const { ethereum: { address }} = await getConfig('cryptoactions/oracle')
console.log(address) // 0x....

// config of user (repo: mktcode/mktcode)
const { ethereum: { address }} = await getConfig('mktcode')
console.log(address) // 0x....

Process Data Request

Trigger an oracle workflow to process a data request, stored on a smart contract implementing GithubDataReceiver.sol.

const request = await processRequest(event.args.requestId, 'cryptoactions/oracle', githubAccessToken)