Statically analyzes JSX files for CSS Blocks use.

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  import cssBlocksJsx from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@css-blocks/jsx';


CSS Blocks JSX Analyzer / Rewriter

CSS Blocks' JSX integrations is inspired by CSS Modules to provide an API that is in-line with the expectations of the React and JSX communities.


Blocks may be imported to any JSX file like any other asset. CSS Block files must end with the extension {block-name}.block.css.

import styles from "my-block.block.css";

Scopes, Classes, and States

Block files have a single default export that is the Block itself. Classes are exposed as properties on this object, and states are exposed as methods. The default import itself represents the :scope selector and may be applied like any other class.

import styles from "my-block.block.css";

// References the `:scope` selector.
<div className={styles} />;

// References the class `.myClass` from the imported block.
<div className={styles.myClass} />;

// References the state `:scope[state|rootState]` from the imported block.
<div className={styles.rootState()} />;

// References the state `.myClass[state|classState]` from the imported block.
<div className={styles.myClass.classState()} />;


To reference sub-states on a state, pass the sub-state value as the first (and only) argument. If a variable is seen to be passed to a state, the rewriter will add an import for the CSS Blocks runtime and be sure to preserve all possible runtime behaviors.

import styles from "my-block.block.css";

// References the sub-state `:scope[state|rootState="foo"]` from the imported block.
<div className={styles.rootState("foo")} />;

// References the sub-state `.myClass[state|classState="bar"]` from the imported block.
let tmp = "bar"
<div className={styles.myClass.classState(tmp)} />;


Multiple blocks may be imported into a single JSX file and be applied to a single element. To combine styles, use the obj-str package. Logic passed to obj-str is preserved in the rewrite.

import objstr from "obj-str";
import styles from "my-block.block.css";
import typography from "typography.block.css";

// Apply `my-block:scope` and `typography.small`
let styleOne = objstr({
  [styles]: true,
  [typography.small]: true
<div className={styleOne} />;

// Apply `my-block:scope` and `my-blocks[state|enabled]`
let styleOne = objstr({
  [styles]: true,
  [styles.enabled()]: isEnabled
<div className={styleOne} />;


  1. Block references may not be used outside of the className property (or class for Preact), or an obj-str call.
  2. If a dynamic value is passed to a state "method", then we can not determine through static analysis which sub-states are used by the program, so all possible sub-states will be included in the final CSS output. When possible, pass state "methods" a string literal.



The JSX Analyzer extends the main CSS Blocks core Analyzer. Its constructor accepts a unique name, to help with debugging, and an options hash:

const CssBlocks = require("@css-blocks/jsx");
const CssBlockAnalyzer = new CssBlocks.Analyzer(paths.appIndexJs, jsxCompilationOptions);

Possible options are:

Option Default Description
baseDir process.cwd() The root directory from which all sources are relative.
types "none" Which JavaScript typing language to enable. Options are: "typescript", "flow" or "none"
aliases {} Resolution aliases used for Block files. If no file is found at the exact path specified, the Block importer will attempt to resolve using these path aliases.
compilationOptions {} Provide custom compilation options to @css-blocks/core.

The Analyzer may be passed to a build integration. For JSX, this will typically be Webpack;


The JSX Rewriter is a Babel plugin that rewrites all JSX files that consume CSS Blocks according to data collected by the Analyzer. This Babel plugin will be passed directly to Babel through its plugins option, and will typically look something like this.

plugins: [
  require("@css-blocks/jsx/dist/src/transformer/babel").makePlugin({ rewriter }),

The makePlugin method creates a new instance of the babel plugin with the shared-memory object rewriter in scope. The build integration will have some method of populating this rewriter shared-memory object with Analyzer data. Please refer to your selected build integration for details.