cto.ai account management library

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cto.ai account management library

JWT-based identity and access management


This is a native ESM module.

account(opts) => instance


  • realm - auth server realm name
  • url - auth server URL
  • id - client id
  • pages - an object that must contain the following properties: signup, signin, error. Each must hold a Buffer instance, containin HTML to redirect a users browser after a user has registered, logged in or if there was an error, respectively.
  • backend default: false - backend mode limited API. Only functionality that doesn't rely on client-side browser interactions is supplied: refresh, signout and signin, where signin must be passed user and password. Pages are not required when backend is true.

Tokens objects:

Much of the API either accepts or outputs tokens. A tokens object has the following shape:

  accessToken: string
  refreshToken: string
  idToken: string
  sessionState: string

instance.signup() => Promise => tokens

Opens the default browser to the registration URL and supplies tokens once the registration process has been completed in the browser.

instance.signin(opts) => Promise => tokens

Triggers a browser-based login flow or logs in with a given username and password.

If both user and password options are supplied these credentials will be exchanged for tokens. Otherwise, opens the default browser to the login URL and supplies tokens when the login process has been completed in the browser.


  • user Optional - username
  • password Optional - password

instance.refresh(tokens) => Promise => tokens

Accepts a tokens object and fetches fresh tokens.

instance.signout(tokens) => Promise

Invalidates the tokens passed.


Will open a browser at a Keycloak password reset URL, which differs based on the signedIn options.


  • signedIn (boolean), Default: false - If true the browser will open to the logged-in accounts password page. If false it will open to reset credentials page.

instance.validate(tokens) => boolean

See accounts.validate

accounts.validate(tokens) => boolean

Checks whether tokens.refreshToken has expired. If it has validate returns true, otherwise false.


  • Node 12.4+
  • Node 14.0+



npm test

Visual coverage report (run after test):

npm run cov


npm run lint


npm run lint -- --fix


For mainline releases:

npm version <major|minor|patch>
git push --follow-tags

For prereleases:

npm version prerelease
git push --follow-tags