Bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page also known as I'm Under Attack Mode

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Bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page also known as I'm Under Attack Mode

Based on python library cloudflare-scrape

The anti-bot page requires a JS obfuscated math problem and http form submission after a setTimeout. The setTimeout is required, so bypassing cloudflare takes about 6 seconds.


npm install @ctrl/cloudflare


This package is meant to be used with got. After a failed request, use the catchCloudflare function to resolve your request.

Requires passing cookiejar to got. Reusing the cookiejar in subsequent requests will bypass the cloudflare anti-bot page, until the cookie expires.

Call catchCloudflare(err, options) passing the error and the options used to make the request. catchCloudflare will rethrow if it is unable to bypass of if the error is not cloudflare related.

import { catchCloudflare } from '@ctrl/cloudflare';
import got from 'got';
import { CookieJar } from 'tough-cookie';

// example helper function
async function main() {
  // cookie jar is required! speed up future requests by keeping a persistant cookie jar
  const cookieJar = new CookieJar();
  const options = {
    // use "url: to describe path
    url: 'https://rlsbb.ru/support-us',
    // either disable retry or remove status code 503 from retries
    retry: 0,

  let res: got.Response<any>;
  try {
    // success without cloudflare?
    res = await got(options);
  } catch (error) {
    // success with cloudflare?
    res = await catchCloudflare(error, options);

  return res.body;

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