Set GitHub commit status

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  import cypressGithubCommitStatusCheck from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cypress/github-commit-status-check';



Small utility for setting GitHub commit status based on GH app installation

This utility is meant to be used by GitHub App installations. Thus your environment should have the following 3 pieces of authentication information set as environment variables:


The GH_PRIVATE_KEY is the base64-encoded private key. For example, if you copy the contents of the private "pem" file into your clipboard, from the terminal you can execute "pbpaste | base64 | pbcopy" and get the encoded string in the clipboard.

As always, for local use I recommend as-a utility.


Primary use via module API, see src/index.ts

Setting commit check

import { setCommitStatus } from '@cypress/github-commit-status-check'
await setCommitStatus({
  // bunch of options

There is a bin script src/bin/set-commit-status.ts that reads options from command line arguments. For example, if environment variables are stored under block set-status in your as-a settings, then:

$ as-a set-status npm run set-commit-status -- --repo ...

Adding comment to a commit

$ as-a set-status npm run add-commit-comment -- --repo ...


Run with environment variable DEBUG=@cypress/github-commit-status-check to see more log messages