Capability-based access control for Ethereum smart contracts.

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Access Control

Capability-based access control for Ethereum smart contracts.

Get started

  1. npm install --save @daostack/access_control

  2. Use it in your smart contract

    import "@daostack/access_control/contracts/Permissioned.sol";
    contract Foo is Permissioned {
        // Foo stuff...

Check out the documentation for more!


The basic idea is that there are a set of "locks"/"topics" each with a set of "keys". A contract can protects one of it's methods with a lock (or more) such that anyone with the appropriate key can use it to access this method. Each key can have a start time, expiration time, number of uses. Accounts can also transfer some (or all) of their capabilities to other accounts if allowed. Initially the contract itself has a "master key" (infinite uses, no expiration, no start time limitation), and then it can pass some partial capabilities to the desired accounts.


  • Can define a number of uses & expiration date & start time on keys and if to enable the key to be transfrred.
  • Accounts can assign partial (or full) abillites to other accounts (if allowed).
  • We can use advanced lock ids to lock a method even on specific parameters, enforce ordering, or other properties (see example).
  • Can define complex boolean predicates to protect methods.
  • No performance loss over hand-crafted mechanisms.


  • Declarative policy (no more sprinkling ifs all over the codebase)
  • Easy control flow (ordering, timing, number of function calls) restrictions (e.g. only allowed to call B after calling A twice within 2 days).
  • Allows accounts to call functions themselves instead of delegating through other contracts.
  • Generalized logging mechanism: key usage events can be queried by clients to know whether a method was called and by which account, key revocations can be used to know when users no longer have access to a method.
  • Easier security since we need to verify less code.


  1. git clone git@github.com:daostack/access_control.git && cd access_control
  2. npm install / yarn

Available Commands:

  • npm run ganache
  • npm run lint
  • npm run test
  • npm run build
  • npm run docs:<update|build|deploy|preview>