A fully migrated Ganache with all DAOstack base contracts migrated and an example DAO.

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npm (scoped) Docker Pulls

DAOstack Migration

Migration scripts and a ganache with all DAOstack contracts and an example DAO already migrated. This repo is exposed both as an npm package, a CLI and a docker container which you can use as a drop-in replacement for ganache-cli.


  1. ganache - start a local Ganache process.
  2. migrate:base - migrate base contracts.
  3. migrate:dao - migrate DAO.
  4. migrate - migrate base contracts & DAO.
  5. build:docker - build the daostack/ganache docker image.
  6. publish:docker - push the daostack/ganache image to DockerHub.


Package config

Configration related to the migration process lives in the config section in package.json. You can override it locally using npm config set @daostack/ganache:<key> <value> Available configurable parameters:

  • mnemonic - the mnemonic used to generate accounts.
  • total_accounts - the number of accounts to generate.
  • provider - the web3 provider to be used.
  • gasPriceGWei - the gas price in GWei units to use in transactions.

Example: npm config set @daostack/ganache:provider https://kovan.infura.io/v3/<infura key> - run on kovan using infura.


Configuration related to specific contract params can be configured in params.json.

Note: This file also includes the migrationVersion which must be incremented before publishing a new version.


Both the npm package and the docker image are versioned according to the @daostack/arc package and the migration version. Example: @daostack/arc@<arc version> -> npm: @daostack/ganache@<arcversion>-v<migration version> and dockerhub: daostack/ganache:X.Y.Z-v<migration version>

Use the docker image

  1. docker pull daostack/ganache
  2. docker run daostack/ganache ... - use arguments as specified in ganache-cli

Use as a library

  1. npm install @daostack/ganache
  2. const Ganache = require('@daostack/ganache') // instead of: require('ganache-cli') - use as a drop-in replacement for the ganache-cli library.

The library also exposes the two migration scripts migrateBase & migrateDAO:

const { migrateBase, migrateDAO } = require("@daostack/ganache");
const web3 = new Web3(...);
await migrateBase(web3); // migrates all base contracts writes addresses to 'base.json' and returns them.
await migrateDAO(web3); // migrates new DAO writes info to 'dao.json' and returns them.


To get the base migrated contract addresses:

const base = require("@daostack/ganache/base.json");
const {
  // Base contract addresses
} = migration;


To get information about the migrated DAO:

const base = require("@daostack/ganache/dao.json");
const {
  orgName,            // name of the dao
  Avatar              // avatar address
  NativeToken,        // native token address
  NativeReputation    // native reputation address
} = migration;

The Migrated DAO

The migrated DAO is a simple DAO with the following configuration:

  • using UController as a controller.
  • founders - first 5 accounts generated from mnemonic each with 1000 native token and 1000 reputation.
  • no native token cap.
  • schemes:
    • SchemeRegistrar
      • permissions: all permissions (0x0000001F)
      • voting machine: AbsoluteVote(votePerc=50,ownerVote=true)
    • GlobalConstraintRegistrar
      • permissions: manage global constraints (0x00000004)
      • voting machine: AbsoluteVote(votePerc=50,ownerVote=true)
    • UpgradeScheme
      • permissions: manage schemes + upgrade controller (0x0000000A)
      • voting machine: AbsoluteVote(votePerc=50,ownerVote=true)
    • ContributionReward
      • orgNativeTokenFee: no fee.
      • permissions: no permissions (0x00000000)
      • voting machine: GenesisProtocol(<details in params.json file>)