Display in your presentation an image fullscreen and highlight specific part of it using the Big Image slide

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  import deckdeckgoSlideBigImg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@deckdeckgo/slide-big-img';


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DeckDeckGo - Slide "Big Image"

If you would like to display a fullscreen image in your presentation and select specific part of it, in order to to zoom in/highlight them, the "Big Image" slide is the one you are looking for.

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This template could be added to your presentation using the following methods.

From a CDN

It's recommended to use unpkg if you want to use this template from a CDN. To do so, add the following include script in the main HTML file of your project:

<script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/@deckdeckgo/slide-big-img@latest/dist/deckdeckgo-slide-big-img/deckdeckgo-slide-big-img.esm.js"></script>

From NPM

To install this template in your project from npm run the following command:

npm install @deckdeckgo/slide-big-img

Framework integration

The Stencil documentation provide examples of framework integration for Angular, React, Vue and Ember.

That being said, commonly, you might either import or load it:


import '@deckdeckgo/slide-big-img';


import { defineCustomElements as deckDeckGoSlideElement } from '@deckdeckgo/slide-big-img/dist/loader';


The "Big Image" slide's Web Component could be integrated using the tag <deckgo-slide-big-img/>.



The slots title is optional (it is not displayed but could be use for the navigation). Otherwise no particular slots are currently available in order to display additional information on this template.


This component offers the following options which could be set using attributes:

Attribute Type Default Description
img-src string An image URI which should be first displayed full screen before being divided in separate parts presented on the next slides.
img-alt string An optional accessibility alt for the image.
img-divisions string A list of anchors for the divisions of the image (in pixels).
axis 'x' or 'y' The axis which should be used to apply the division.
reverse boolean false In which order should the specific part be highlighted.
custom-actions boolean false If you would provide actions for the all deck and a specific one for this slide, set this option to true


The following theming options will affect this component if set on its host or parent.

CSS4 variable Default Note
--slide-padding-top 16px Padding top of the all slide
--slide-padding-end 32px Padding right of the all slide
--slide-padding-bottom 16px Padding bottom of the all slide
--slide-padding-start 32px Padding left of the all slide
--zIndex 1 The z-index of the slide
--slide-img-max-width A maximal width value for the image. Useful in case you would like to display your deck in a container respectively not full window/screen.


To develop and run this Web Component locally, proceed as following:

git clone https://github.com/deckgo-community/big-img
cd big-img
npm install
npm run start


MIT © David Dal Busco, Nicolas Mattia & Noël Macé