Deploy build artifacts to a new/existing ${repo}-builds repository

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import dhis2DeployBuild from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@dhis2/deploy-build';


build tools


Deploys a build artifact from dhis2/$REPO_NAME to d2-ci/${REPO_NAME}. These builds can be pulled from NPM and can be built into the backend.


Publishes a build artifact to NPM if the $TRAVIS_TAG environment variable exists.

Cutting the release is done locally, then the tag is pushed.

Travis runs through the build process and then deploys the artifact to the builds repo, and then publishes the version to NPM.



Create .travis.yml:

travis init

Add the encrypted PAT for the app:

travis encrypt GITHUB_TOKEN=<github access token here> --add
travis encrypt NPM_TOKEN=<npm access token here> --add

Example .travis.yml:

language: node_js
- 8
- npm install --global @dhis2/deploy-build
- npm run lint
- npm run coverage
- npm run build
- provider: script
  script: deploy-build
  skip_cleanup: true
    all_branches: true
- provider: script
  script: publish-build
  skip_cleanup: true
    tags: true
    secure: <encrypted PAT>
    secure: <encrypted PAT>

Deploy manually to your own Github account

To deploy a build to your personal github account:

npm install --global @dhis2/deploy-build
export GITHUB_TOKEN=<github token>
deploy-build <github username>


Turn off PR builds in Travis, only use branch builds

If you see commits like: c9e0584 Merge 46e1c4787... into 8741c7c88... in your builds repo and don't want them, then turn off the PR builds and just use branch builds.

Travis build the merge commit between the branch and the base, and set the TRAVIS_BRANCH env variable to the base branch, which often means master.

By leaving the PR builds off and the branch buils on you still get the benefits of your branch being built and deployed, but avoid the merge commit builds in your master stream.

Install dependency from GitHub, e.g. for DHIS2 core

# for master branch
npm install ${app}@dhis2/${app}

# for 2.30
npm install ${app}@dhis2/${app}#2.30

# for random feature branch
npm install ${app}@dhis2/${app}#feature/random-branch-name