A WebGL rendering engine for DHIS2 maps based on Mapbox GL JS.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import dhis2MapsGl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@dhis2/maps-gl';



DHIS2 Build and Release

WebGL/vector tiles engine for DHIS2 Maps

> yarn link
> cd examples/maps-gl-react
> yarn link @dhis2/maps-gl
> yarn start

Link to DHIS2 Maps:

maps-gl folder: yarn link maps-app folder: yarn link @dhis2/maps-gl

Build from source

In order to use the library you must first build it from source using the command yarn build

You may also watch the src directory for changes with the command yarn watch

Both of these commands will run the javascript files in the src directory through babel to produce both CommonJS and ES Module builds in the build directory.


Publication is done automatically by a GitHub action for all commits on the master branch. Commits (including pull-request squashed commits) should follow the Conventional Commit guidelines so that the release bot can determine which version to cut - breaking, feature, or bug

Report an issue

The issue tracker can be found in DHIS2 JIRA under the LIBS project.

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