Modular library to easily build discord bots

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Diamond Bot Core

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This is the starting point for creating awesome Discord bots.


npm install @diamondbot/core


Just instantiate the bot, make it login with your discord token and you are done!

// index.js
import { Bot } from '@diamondbot/core';

const bot = new Bot();


The bot by itself has no commands. Take a look at our ever-expanding list of commands that you can add to the bot, or if you want some custom stuff you can easily build your own!

Let's make a command to get cat images (this is just an example, we already have a command for cats)

// commands/cat.js
import { ChatCommand } from '@diamondbot/core';

export default class CatCommand extends ChatCommand {
    constructor () {
            name: 'cat', // This will be used as the name to invoke the command, eg: !cat
            alias: 'cats' // As the name says it, this is an alias for the command, eg: !cats

    async run ({channel}, [count]) { // Our command will be able to accept a parameter, eg: !cat 3
        count = Number(count);
        count = count > 1 ? count : 1;

        for (let i = 0; i < count; i++) {
            await channel.send('https://cataas.com/cat');

Done! Our command is created, now we have to tell about it to our bot, let's go back to our index.js file.

// index.js
import { Bot } from '@diamondbot/core';
import CatCommand from './commands/cat.js';

const bot = new Bot();



Now our bot is ready to fill our channels with cats!


Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to fix any bug you find or propose commands to add to the bot.


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