A simple menubar component for Angular.

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  import discordeliaMenu from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@discordelia/menu';



A simple menu bar component for Angular 9+.

Documentation is work in progress.


  • This component is written with Angular 9, so it will not work with earlier versions of Angular
  • Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • No RTL support.
  • Partial keyboard support.
  • This is a simple component I implemented for my personal project, so I cannot guarantee you with frequent updates/bug fixes.


  • Install the following packages:
npm i @angular/cdk uuid @discordelia/popup @discordelia/contextmenu @discordelia/menu
  • Add the following line to your global stylesheet file (styles.scss)
@import "~@angular/cdk/overlay-prebuilt.css";
  • Import MenuModule in your app.module.ts file (or another module where you need it.)


Basic Usage

    <yui-menu text="File">
        <yui-menu-item text="New" subtext="Ctrl+N"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Open Recent">
            <yui-menu-item text="yui-menu"></yui-menu-item>
            <yui-menu-item text="yui-contextmenu"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Save As" subtext="Ctrl+S"></yui-menu-item>
    <yui-menu text="Edit">
        <yui-menu-item text="Cut" subtext="Ctrl+X"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Copy" subtext="Ctrl+C"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Paste" subtext="Ctrl+V"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item [divider]="true"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Undo Typing" subtext="Ctrl+Z"></yui-menu-item>
    <yui-menu text="View">
        <yui-menu-item text="Tool Windows">
            <yui-menu-item text="Commit"></yui-menu-item>
            <yui-menu-item text="Project"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Appearance">
            <yui-menu-item text="Enter Presentation Mode"></yui-menu-item>
            <yui-menu-item text="Enter Distraction Free Mode"></yui-menu-item>
    <yui-menu text="Navigate">
        <yui-menu-item text="Back"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Forward" [disabled]="true"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item [divider]="true"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Search Everywhere"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item [divider]="true"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Class"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="File"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Symbol"></yui-menu-item>
        <yui-menu-item text="Line/Column"></yui-menu-item>

yui-menu-bar accepts the following inputs.

menuClass : You can pass a string of css classes to help you style the menu.
theme     : You can pass 'light' or 'dark' to set the theme.

yui-menu accepts the following inputs.

text      : Menu text
menuClass : You can pass a string of css classes to help you style the menu. Overrides the one from yui-menu-bar.
  • Inside yui-menu tag, you can define multiple yui-menu-item components.
  • Inside yui-menu-item tag, you can define multiple yui-menu-item components for a submenu.
  • If, for example, you passed 'export-menu' as menuClass input, you can then use the following code to help you style the menu.
yui-contextmenu-content.export-menu {
    /* Your style rules */

yui-menu-item accepts the following inputs and outputs. (Same with yui-contextmenu from @discordelia/contextmenu package.)

disabled: boolean                    // Disable a menu item.
divider: boolean                     // Set a menu item as divider. When set to true, all other options are ignored.
event: MouseEvent                    // Set the triggering event. Only used when the target changes dynamically.
icon: string;                        // Icon class for menu item. For example, you can pass a font icon class such as 'fa fa-plus'. Ignored when iconTemplate option is set.
iconTemplate: TemplateRef<any>;      // Pass a template reference to show as menu item icon.
image: string;                       // Image url for menu item icon. Ignored when iconTemplate option is set.
menuSelect: EventEmitter<IMenuItem>; // Called when a menu item is selected. 
text: string;                        // Menu item text. Ignored when textTemplate option is set.
textTemplate: TemplateRef<any>;      // Pass a template reference to show as menu item text.
toggleable: boolean;                 // Pass true if you want to make the menu item toggleable.
toggled: boolean;                    // Set toggle status of menu item. This is a two-way binding. [(toggled)]
visible: boolean;                    // Set false to hide a menu item.

Known Issues

menuClass input does not work properly.