LRU cache for browser and Node.js

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LRU Cache

Least Recently Used cache for browser or Node.js.


npm install @doclify/lru-cache


import LRU from '@doclify/lru-cache'
// commonjs
// const LRU = require('@doclify/lru-cache')

const cache = new LRU({
    max: 1000, //max items in cache
    ttl: 60 * 1000 //max ttl in ms, set 0 for never expiring cache

cache.set('foo', 'baz')

const value = cache.get('foo')


.has(): boolean

Returns whether key exists in cache


Clears the cache

.set(key: string, value: any, ttl?: number): boolean

Sets item in cache

.get(key: string)

Returns item from cache

.delete(key: string)

Removes item from cache

.evict(): boolean

Evicts the least recently used item from cache


This repository is published under the MIT license.