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Phone number internationalization interface using libphonenumber.


Node, Java, Maven and Ant.


# Install
npm install && npm run install:all && npm run build:all


npm run update:all && npm run build:all


libphonenumber.getSupportedRegionCodes(): [{regionCode, countryCode}]

List supported region codes.

libphonenumber.parseRegionCode(regionCode: String, number: String): String

Return region code from provided number or current region code.

libphonenumber.isValidNumber(regionCode: String, number: String): Boolean

Return true if phone number is valid for regionCode.

libphonenumber.injectCountryCode(defaultRegionCode: String, regionCode: String, number: String): Boolean

Replace or inject number countryCode.

libphonenumber.formatNumber(defaultRegionCode: String, regionCode: String, number: String): String

Format number as a national one if number region is the current region, otherwise as an international none.

libphonenumber.formatInputNumber(regionCode: String, number: String): String

Try to format provided number as it is typed.