Core (non-native) Components

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  import draftbitCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@draftbit/core';



This module contains web-compatible components used by @draftbit/ui.

You should look @ @draftbit/ui if you are just looking to use these components in your own projects.

This module is consumed by the ui module, which injects native dependencies and re-export the components with those dependencies included for react-native projects.

It is possible, but not advised, to directly consume components from this module in your own web projects. You will have to inject your own compatible dependencies. This is how this project is consumed internally by Draftbit to power our builder experience. See the interfaces folder to see what you'll need to implement yourself.


If you're looking to contribute to components in @draftbit/ui this is usually the module you're looking for. Checkout @draftbit/native if you need to add a module with a native dependency. But please open a PR to discuss first. It's possible! There's just some gotcha's we should talk through before you start.

Note on Dependencies

@draftbit/native can (and should) depend on this module when composing components to create higher-order functionality, and to share interfaces. This module should never depend on @draftbit/native, directly or otherwise, as that will break non-Expo toolchains that expect to be able use @draftbit/core directly.