FFMPEG as a Drovp dependency.

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  import drovpFfmpeg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@drovp/ffmpeg';



Provides ffmpeg, ffprobe, and ffplay static binaries as a Drovp processor dependencies.

Pre-built binaries are downloaded from:


The source of static binaries we're using for Linux (https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/) doesn't come with ffplay, therefore you can't rely on ffplay dependency to be available on Linux. If you know about a better or a separate source with ffplay in it, share it in #1.

The dependency loader does try to fall back to local binaries exposed in current platform's PATH, but that is of course unreliable.


Require in your processor config:

plugin.registerProcessor('name', {
    // ...config...
    dependencies: ['@drovp/ffmpeg:ffmpeg'],

Consume in your processor:

function processor(operation, utils) {
    const ffmpegPath = utils.dependencies.ffmpeg;
    // or a no conflict risking version (unnecessary in 99.999% cases)
    const ffmpegPath = utils.dependencies['@drovp/ffmpeg:ffmpeg'];


Dependency IDs and their values inside processor's utils.dependencies object.


ID: @drovp/ffmpeg:ffmpeg

Shorthand: ffmpeg

Value: path to ffmpeg binary


ID: @drovp/ffmpeg:ffprobe

Shorthand: ffprobe

Value: path to ffprobe binary


ID: @drovp/ffmpeg:ffplay

Shorthand: ffplay

Value: path to ffplay binary

Not available on Linux atm!