Dynatrace OneAgent serverless framework plugin

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OneAgent Serverless plugin

dynatrace-oneagent is a plugin for serverless framework which will add Dynatrace monitoring automatically to serverless deployments.


This plugin is community contributed and not officially supported by Dynatrace. In case of problems, feature requests, or questions submit a ticket on GitHub


The Dynatrace OneAgent serverless plugin will configure serverless and serverless-webpack to bundle Dynatrace npm module for PaaS.

In regular serverless projects, the plugin will npm install and tailor Dynatrace npm module for PaaS during serverless packaging process. It will also reconfigure the function handler definition to load Dynatrace OneAgent at function instance startup.

In serverless-webpack case, the plugin will configure webpack to include Dynatrace npm module for PaaS into the bundle. The resulting deployment zip file will contain the Javascript file for the handler function and a node_modules folder with Dynatrace OneAgent.

Enabling your serverless project for Dynatrace OneAgent is a two steps process:

  1. add plugin to serverless.yml
  2. specify OneAgent options

Add plugin to serverless.yml

Extend the plugins list of the projects serverless.yml file with @dynatrace/serverless-oneagent plugin.

service: dynatrace-oneagent-sample

  - '@dynatrace/serverless-oneagent'

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs10.x

    handler: index.hello
      - http:
          method: GET
          path: hello

Specify OneAgent options

OneAgent options can be specified in serverless.yml file or serverless (sls) command line.

The option string can be obtained from serverless configuration screen (Deploy Dynatrace > Setup Serverless integration).

Add following to serverless.yml:

    options: '{"server":"...","tenant":"...", "tenanttoken":"..."}'

If you do not want to add OneAgent options to the serverless.yml , the options can be specified as a command line argument to serverless (sls) command.

serverless deploy --dt-oneagent-options='{"dynatraceTagPropertyPath":"headers.x-dynatrace","server":"...","tenant":"...","tenanttoken":"..."}'

Options summary

serverless.yml command line description
options --dt-oneagent-options=<option string> Specifies OneAgent options
npmModuleVersion --dt-oneagent-module-version=<version> Specifies the version of OneAgent for PaaS module. Default is latest, specify next for @next version.
verbose --verbose enables extended output of plugin processing. --verbose enables verbose mode for all plugins, while verbose option in serverless.yml enables verbose output for this plugin only.
exclude --dt-exclude exclude given list of functions from instrumentation. Separate function names with comma on command line.
skipUninstall --dt-skip-uninstall de-installation of @dynatrace/oneagent module after packaging might interfere with alternative dependency management tools like lerna. This option suppresses the de-installation of @dynatrace/oneagent npm module.
    handler: test/first.handler

    handler: test/second.handler
    # enable serverless-oneagent plugin verbose mode
    verbose: true
    # specify @next Dynatrace OneAgent npm module
    npmModuleVersion: next
      - lambdaTest2
serverless deploy --dt-oneagent-module-version=next --dt-oneagent-options='{"dynatraceTagPropertyPath":"headers.x-dynatrace","server":"...","tenant":"...","tenanttoken":"..."}' --verbose --dt-exclude=lambdaTest2

Yarn configuration

Serverless plugin installs automatically @dynatrace/oneagent dependency at build time which causes a Yarn build error. To work around that build error, manually add @dynatrace/oneagent in the package.json file


"dependencies": {
        "@dynatrace/oneagent": "latest"
"devDependencies": {
        "@dynatrace/serverless-oneagent": "xxx"


The samples folder contains ready to go serverless projects.

  • AWS Lambda with Node.js runtime serverless
  • AWS Lambda with Node.js runtime and serverless-webpack serverless

Supported provider and runtime environments

  • The current plugin version supports following deployments
    • AWS Lambda with Node.js runtime version 8.x, 10.x and 12.x


In case of problems, feature requests, or questions submit a ticket.