EasyQuery.JS Enterprise

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@easyquery/enterpise (part of EasyQuery.JS)

EasyQuery.JS library provides you with the means to add an ad hoc reporting or advanced search functionality to your web application.

It gives you a simple to use but a quite powerful user interface to build queries or filters to your data. Your end-users will get the power of SQL with the simplicity of a natural language.

Take a look at EasyQuery web-page for more information.

This package is used together with other EasyQuery packages and some server-side code which is responsible for query generation and data retrieving and it contains some enterpise-level features not available in the Community edition.


A general overview of EasyQuery.JS, getting started instructions and tutorials can be found on EasyQuery.JS documentation web-site.

If you plan to use it with ASP.NET (Core) backend - we suggest you proceed with a "bundle": EasyQuery for ASP.NET (Core) which includes both EasyQuery.JS library and the server-side packages for .NET (Core).

For other platforms, you will also need a special EasyQuery Server which can be installed on any Linux, Windows or Mac server. For more information please read How EasyQuery works section on EasyQuery.JS web page.

Live examples

You can test EasyQuery in several different scenarios on our live demos page.

The source code for these sample web-applications is available on GitHub.



The package is distributed under commercial license. For more information please read LICENSE.txt file installed with the package.