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EB Designsystem

Table Of Content

Getting Started

EB Designsystem is running on Svelte, go read teh docs for more info: https://svelte.dev/


  • node > 14.12.0
  • yarn > 1.22.5


yarn install


yarn dev


  1. Create a branch with all your changes
  2. Submit a Pull Request on github and get it approved by someone else in the frontend team
  3. Merge your branch into master :rocket:
  4. run yarn build && yarn dist to build your awesome code
  5. run yarn dist:move to move code to ekstrabladet project


There is two VS Code snippet files outputtet from this project.

  • eb-designsystem.code-snippets
    • Contains snippets for all css classes, outputs the class to be used on an HTML element
  • eb-designsystem-html.code-snippets
    • Contains HTML snippets for chosen components, outputs the HTML for correct usage

To generate an updated version of snippets run

yarn build:snippets

Installing snippets

To use generated Visual Studio Code snippets for a project, make sure the Visual Studio Code configuration directory is present (%PROJECTROOT%/.vscode).

If you have this repo checked out on your machine you can run the following

yarn installsnippets [PATH_TO_PROJECTROOT]

To install in ekstrabladet project:

yarn installsnippets:eb

Or run following bash commands in project root:

curl -o .vscode/eb-designsystem.code-snippets https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-designsystem/master/snippets/eb-designsystem.code-snippets
curl -o .vscode/eb-designsystem-html.code-snippets https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-designsystem/master/snippets/eb-designsystem-html.code-snippets