EB colors for SCSS and CSS

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  import ekstraBladetEbColors from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors';


EB Colors

Version: 2.2.0

EB colors for CSS (SCSS only available through repo)


npm install "@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors" --save

CSS Usage

All CSS classes (NPM module)

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/dist/eb-colors-classes.css";
<div class="bg--white color--red">
  White background <br/>
  Red color

HEX CSS variables

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/dist/eb-colors-css-vars.css";

.use-hex-color {
  background: var(--color--red);
  color: var(--fgcolor--red);

RGB CSS variables

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/dist/eb-colors-vars-rgb.css";

.use-rgb-color {
  background: rgb(var(--rgb-color--red));

SCSS Usage (Not availiable in NPM module)

Variables and maps:

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/all.scss";

Variables, maps and classes:

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/all-with-classes.scss";

General colors:

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/general/all[-with-classes].scss";

All Section specific colors:

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/sections/all[-with-classes].scss";

All colors

Found in src/colors

Full map of all colors $eb-colors-colors

File names Map names
_blue.scss $eb-color-blue
_green.scss $eb-color-green
_greyscale.scss $eb-color-greyscale
_orange.scss $eb-color-orange
_pastel.scss $eb-color-pastel
_red.scss $eb-color-red
_yellow.scss $eb-color-yellow

Main colors

Found in src/general

Full map of general colors $eb-colors-general

File names Map names
_main.scss $eb-color-main
_socialmedia.scss $eb-color-socialmedia

Section specific colors

Found in src/sections

Full map of section colors $eb-colors-sections

File names Map names
_ekstra.scss $eb-color-ekstra
_flash.scss $eb-color-flash
_forbrug.scss $eb-color-forbrug
_leder.scss $eb-color-leder
_livescore.scss $eb-color-livescore
_nationen.scss $eb-color-nationen
_nyheder.scss $eb-color-nyheder
_sex-samliv.scss $eb-color-sex-samliv
_skolefodbold.scss $eb-color-skolefodbold
_sport.scss $eb-color-sport
_tv.scss $eb-color-tv
_underholdning.scss $eb-color-underholdning

Color functions

The following functions are include when using one of the three collection options (all, general or sections).

Without the included functions the colors can be accessed through map-deep-get

Example map structure

$eb-colors: (
  '[colorname]': map-get($eb-colors-colors, 'key'),

Background (background-color: & color:)

Sets both background-color and color, to ensure correct usage

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/all";

.selector {
  @include .bg--[colorname];

foreground (color:)

Returns the main color

@import "node_modules/@ekstra-bladet/eb-colors/src/all";

.selector {
  color: var(--color--[colorname]);

Mapping colors

Each of general colors $eb-colors-general (found in src/general) & section colors $eb-colors-sections (found in src/sections) are mapped from all colors $eb-colors-colors

$eb-color-[new-map-name]: (
  'sport' : map-get($eb-colors-colors, 'key'),

CSS classes

CSS classes are generated after the following pattern

.bg--[sectionname] {
    background-color: [main section color];
    color: [foreground section color];

.color--[sectionname] {
    color: [main section color];

/** Real world example */
.bg--eb {
    background-color: var(--color--eb);
    color: var(--fgcolor--eb);

.color--eb {
    color: var(--color--eb);

Working example

<div class="bg--eb">
    This will have the eb background color and the corresponding foreground color.

Color pallette

The colors and their names contained in eb-colors

Visual Studio Code Snippets

To use generated Visual Studio Code snippets for a project, make sure the Visual Studio Code configuration directory is present (%PROJECTROOT%/.vscode) and run following bash commands in project root:

curl -o .vscode/eb-colors-classes.code-snippets https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-colors/master/snippets/eb-colors-classes.code-snippets
curl -o .vscode/eb-colors-css-vars.code-snippets https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-colors/master/snippets/eb-colors-css-vars.code-snippets
curl -o .vscode/eb-colors-vars-rgb.code-snippets https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-colors/master/snippets/eb-colors-vars-rgb.code-snippets

To enable snippets in .jsp files, add the following to user or workspace-settings:

"files.associations": {
        "*.jsp": "html"


To build the CSS variables version of eb-colors:

git clone git@github.com:EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-colors.git
cd eb-colors
npm build

To build a new version of VS Code Snippets and Example:

git clone git@github.com:EkstraBladetUdvikling/eb-colors.git
cd eb-colors
npm run build-vscode-snippets
npm run example


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