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Trivial audio mixer API for native and web targets. Online Demo

⚠️ Work in progress! API is constantly changing. The native playback at the moment sounds bad, has not been tested, and has not been fully tested on mobile projects.

Core Concepts


  • Mixer: global mixer, could be initialized and terminated, paused and resumed.
  • Buffer: data buffers that can be loaded and unloaded. We are playing audio from Buffer objects.
  • Voice: instance of Audio Player used to control sound playback.
  • Bus: simple hierarchy object for mixing, Master Bus is connected to Mixer's output. All another bus objects are connected to the Master Bus. Bus splits game track audio voices by groups Music, Sound, Speech. Enable controlling of Gain and Muting for each audio group.


  • Gain: volume of Bus or Voice.
  • Pan: control stereo-panning of Voice, by default is 0 (center balance), full left channel is -1, full Right channel is 1.
  • Rate: control playback rate of Voice, by default is 1 (100% speed of playback)
    • alt: Pitch, Speed

Voice Flags

  • Loop Mode: voice could be in the loop mode or not.
  • Running Flag: played voice is active until it's stopped, either we are able to pause or resume playback by setting Running flag on and off.

Voice lifecycle

  • Play: open voice object, associate it with Audio Data and start playback. If Paused flag is set on Play, voice is alive, but will being on pause.
  • Stop: stop and close voice object.


Decoding MP3 audio files

It's recommended to re-encode all foreign MP3 audio files to fix Safari issues. For example, you could use ffmpeg tooling:

ffmpeg -i broken.mp3 -c:a copy -c:v copy fixed.mp3


Install build requirements first

Install and Build

# install dependencies

# build js libraries for browser, nodejs and emscripten
yarn build

Demo projects

Browser demo

yarn build-demo
yarn start-demo

NodeJS demo

cd demo
node node.js

C++ console demo with cmake

cd demo/cpp

# configure and build cmake project
cmake -B build .
cmake --build build

# run: current working directory is important to load shared assets correctly
cd build

iOS Xcode / Android projects

# install dependencies is required

# open Xcode project
open demo/xcode/auph-ios.xcodeproj

# open Android Studio project ("studio" is command-line shell for Android Studio)
studio demo/android

Search path to dependencies is hardcoded in project settings, so you need node_modules folder in the repository root, if you working in monorepo workspaces you need to no-hoist them