Transport classes and utilities shared among Node.js Elastic client libraries

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Elastic Node.js Transport

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This is a HTTP transport Node.js library for communicate with Elastic products, like Elasticsearch.


npm install @elastic/transport

Node.js support

NOTE: The minimum supported version of Node.js is v12.

The client versioning follows the Elastc Stack versioning, this means that major, minor, and patch releases are done following a precise schedule that often does not coincide with the Node.js release times.

To avoid support insecure and unsupported versions of Node.js, the client will drop the support of EOL versions of Node.js between minor releases. Typically, as soon as a Node.js version goes into EOL, the client will continue to support that version for at least another minor release. If you are using the client with a version of Node.js that will be unsupported soon, you will see a warning in your logs (the client will start logging the warning with two minors in advance).

Unless you are always using a supported version of Node.js, we recommend defining the client dependency in your package.json with the ~ instead of ^. In this way, you will lock the dependency on the minor release and not the major. (for example, ~7.10.0 instead of ^7.10.0).

Node.js Version Node.js EOL date End of support
8.x December 2019 7.11 (early 2021)
10.x April 2021 7.12 (mid 2021)




This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license.